DaBoot California, United States
Custom Boot Wear for Glass Ware! Never Crack, Chip, or Break you Glass Bong Again! "The Beaker Sneaker" is a Patented Rubber Base Boot with Real Boot Tread and Shoe Laces. Includes Gel Ice Pack to Cool the Water Externally to Create that Colder, Smoother Smoke with out the Hassle of Melting Ice Cubes and Over Filling with Water. Da-Boot Fits all Glass bases 5.25" or Smaller. A Custom Cut Foam Insert will Allow All Straight Tubes, Dab Rigs, and Smaller Beakers and Bubble Bottoms Fit Snug. Over 10 Solid Lace Colors Available and Custom Lace Combinations as Well. All Da-Boot Packages Include: Rubber Boot Base, Gel Ice Pack, Foam Insert, and Choice of Lace Color/

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DaBoot California, United States Opened on
Oct 15, 2015

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