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  • Available Date: Oct 29, 2015


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Product Details

Don't blow smoke, use PuffClear! PuffClear is a line of personal smoke filters which allow smokers to eliminate smoke smell and reduce second hand smoke. Simply blow smoke into the intake as smoke goes in and clean and odorless air comes out. The filters are made in the USA and tested by filtration professionals to ensure you have the best possible smoke masking experience.  
This product will
  1. Remove Smoke,
  2. Eliminate Odor,
  3. Convenient for Travel,
  4. Reduces Second Hand Smoke

Shipping & Policies
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PuffClear's Shop Policies


The buyer pays sales taxe and shipping costs (typically $3-5 for one unit and $15 for a case of 12).

Refunds Exchanges

Our product is 100% guaranteed to eliminate smoke odor. We except returns within 30 days of purchase.

Seller Information

Wholesale available for a minimum of units (12) which comes in a display box.

Last updated Oct 28, 2015