How it works

Welcome, friends!

My Ganja Gear is a global online marketplace where vendors can open and manage their own shops.  When a vendor creates a shop on My Ganja Gear, they add their products which are then displayed on the website.  When a buyer sees a product or multiple products they'd like to purchase, they can add those items to their shopping cart.  When they are ready to complete the purchase and check out, their payment gets processed by our payment gateway.  The order would be processed and sent to each vendor who listed the purchased products.  Each vendor would then pack and ship the products to the customer themselves.  Once the buyer receives their products, they can rate and review them to help other shoppers make informed decisions on their purchases.

Ready to get started?  You can start shopping right away.  When you're ready to check out you'll be able to create your free account and enter your payment information.

Want to list your own wares on My Ganja Gear?  We'd love to have you on board!  Simply click on the Sign Up button at the top of the page to create your account and open your free shop.  Then click on "Create Your Shop" at the top of your dashboard.

Questions?  Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]

Happy blazing!

 - My Ganja Gear team