Open your free shop!

Weed love to partner with you!
To create your free account, click on the Sign Up button at the top right of this page.  Then click "Create Your Shop" at the top of your dashboard.  Enter the details for your shop, upload your logo and shop banner image, and add your products.  We're so excited to bring you all of these awesome features:
Shoppers can rate and review you and your shop.
 Shoppers can favorite your shop and products.
Shoppers can share your products and shop using the social media buttons on your shop page and all of your product pages!
All purchases are done through our payment gateway which means that PayPal and all major credit cards are accepted.  The funds are then transferred to you.

Volume discounts and sale prices are a cinch to set up.
Our system supports coupons that shoppers can cash in using the code you provide.
Add different options and attributes for your products such as color and size and anything else!

If you offer custom design on any of your products, shoppers can easily upload their image through the system.

Easily communicate with shoppers through internal messaging system.
Sales tracking and inventory management is all automatic (if you choose) and intuitive to use.
You'll get notified via email as you receive new orders.
These are just some of the features available to you.  You don't even need a merchant account, all transactions go through ours!  If you're as excited to get started as we are to have you, click that shiny Sign Up button at the top.  The days of having to go through wholesalers and spending a ton of time and money on marketing are over!  We'll bring the customers to you :-)
Please note that items containing Marijuana are not allowed (at least until the US federal gov't decriminalizes it).  Hemp products are okay as long as they are in compliance with local and US federal laws/guidelines.
Questions?  Take a peek at our FAQ's and T&C at the bottom of this page.  There you can find details on what items can and cannot be posted and other helpful information. You can also drop us a line at [email protected], we'd love to hear from you!
- My Ganja Gear team